Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) upgrade problems

I’m seeing garbled display upon reboot at the login screen … also extremely high load averages when idle and logged in through ssh , display seems fine but sluggish using VNC … seems to be related to xorg and nvidia woes as usual …. why oh why can’t linux get this right finally?

Also the new desktop wallpaper looks like a 1995 photoshop lens flare disaster … “did everything just taste purple for a second?”

Update: still having problems at the moment but found some useful info in the ubuntu forums

Update: now i got a flashing boot screen with alternating console output and strobing ubuntu purple screen … booting from the 10.04 live cd doesn’t help either, i can’t get past the first screen which is just a block. this is all made more difficult by the lack of usb support in grub loading screen and somehow i can’t ssh in anymore to tinker with xorg.conf :(

ubuntu 9.10 live cd to the rescue …

Update: Yay! looks like everything is finally working now … i had to boot off 9.10 live cd, install lvm2 so i could mount my old drives, then re-edit grub.conf and delete my xorg.conf. load averages are back to normal and i can ssh & vnc once again now too. :)

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