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Test iphone wordress app

Testing out wordpress iPhone app

iphone gripes 2.0

dear apple, great job! just one thing …  can you put the camera on the other side so we can ichat a/v mobile and also use the screen as a flash? thanks!

iPhone Hacking

ok so i just had to do it, already waited for 1 updated which was dissapointing , so its DIY time. plus i really miss my 24 CTU ringtone and there have been some interesting advancements recently iPhoneNES iFuntastic got started with ifuntastic and changed the ringtone easy enough. while i was at it i […]

iPhone Wishlist

some things i would really like to see for the iphone … ssh 3g (need to download more faster) games with touch control music visualiser ichat av 2 go would be super cool with swivel camera remote control for tv (ok just getting sillly now but why not) more space looks like someone else also […]