iPhone Hacking

ok so i just had to do it, already waited for 1 updated which was dissapointing , so its DIY time.

plus i really miss my 24 CTU ringtone and there have been some interesting advancements recently

  • iPhoneNES
  • iFuntastic

got started with ifuntastic and changed the ringtone easy enough. while i was at it i changed the carrier logo as well just for fun , now says iPwn3d.

now i’m on to installing nes.app which it seems you can’t do with ifuntastic at the moment even though it has a slick new file browser.

so its off to terminal land to compile and install jailbreak, iphuc, dropbear (ssh), and finally nes.app i hope.

we’ll keep you posted on teh status.

sweet well i totally got it working though it was a bit of a hassle. here’s what i ended up doing to get everything working

ifuntastic is fine for ringtones and graphics but doesn’t offer much help in installing apps copying files.

i had some troubles with the jailbreak in ifuntastic as well.

compiled iphuc, also picked it up from ports

ended up using iactivator for the jailbreak and then all seemed fine with iphuc after getting some setafc errors.

so once iphuc was happy i use use the new dropbear using the –broken option to install ssh in order to copy files with permissions intact

once that worked i got the app to show up but need to mkdir for roms which the command is missing.

so now its time to install binkit just to mkdir :( … scp’ing binkit is not much fun either but once its done its good to go.

now i can unzip the roms and scp them over ssh to the phone , i tested out with dig dug and it was actually playable … weee :)

now its time to load up some more roms and upgrade since they are very rapidly developing it right now.

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