moving to treasure island part 1

so i’m finally moving out of my old apartment and into a new house on treasure island with 3 of my friends.

i couldn’t take kevin’s cats and kids and white trash lifestyle any longer. plus its a lot cheaper for me now and might eventually save up to buy a vespa or a car.

so after a heavy night of drinking on friday after work with the crew from podshow i start my journey to the island.

renting the uhaul was an adventure in itself. reminded me of mario, “sorry our princess is in a another castle” kind of thing.

packing on the fly and with only 2 people.

big thanks to pavel without whom the move would not have been possible. no thanks to kevin who did not help at all and just got in the way and slowed things down.

finally got the truck loaded, might have got a ticket.

finally got the truck unloaded and started settling in.

continued … ikea hell

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