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Test from iPad

This is cool, foo

happy 3rd birthday microformats!

Celebrating 3rd Birthday – Raw Footage from Bruce Floyd on Vimeo.

iphone gripes 2.0

dear apple, great job! just one thing …  can you put the camera on the other side so we can ichat a/v mobile and also use the screen as a flash? thanks!

LAMP (leopard, apache, mysql, php)

## Introduction instructions for setting up dynamic web server and services on mac os x (10.5, should be similar for 10.4) ## semi-quick semi-easy totally sweet setup (a wee bit of compile time, but its worth it … smoke em if you got em boys) 1. download and install macports from 1. make sure […]

local log files

i’m sure the ops / sysadmins can tell you more about this than i can but here’s what i’ve found out through trial and error. i recently noticed my local logfiles growing out of control, if you have been here for a while on the same box like me you might see something similar. here’s […]

/me thinks the internet cloud diagrams are far more accurate than originally perceived

its true … this is a very accurate depiction of what happens on the intarwebs some have a different opinion … more … even in ascii that cloud is menacing … # % ? * ! @ ) +——+ +—–+ +—-+ $ = ^ + | |Messages | |Segments | | Datagrams * | User […]

moving to treasure island part 2

ikea hell … spent all day there and got nothing but frustrated

moving to treasure island part 1

so i’m finally moving out of my old apartment and into a new house on treasure island with 3 of my friends. i couldn’t take kevin’s cats and kids and white trash lifestyle any longer. plus its a lot cheaper for me now and might eventually save up to buy a vespa or a car. […]

iPhone Gripes

ok so i picked up an iPhone on friday, no i didn’t stand in line like some fan boy. I’m already giving apple my money but i don’t need to give them my time as well, i may be crazy but i’m not stupid. Overall i’m pretty pleased with it so far and its a […]


ok time to actually use this thing for more than just storing links to articles i’m reading. From now on i’ll be using either or furl for that. I’ll try to post more personal or work related stuff here and actually set up new categories and clean out old posts eventually. So without further […]