iPhone Gripes

ok so i picked up an iPhone on friday, no i didn’t stand in line like some fan boy. I’m already giving apple my money but i don’t need to give them my time as well, i may be crazy but i’m not stupid. Overall i’m pretty pleased with it so far and its a big improvement over my previous phone, but i do have a few issues with it thus far. Keep in mind most of these can be solved with updates since it is all just software.

iPwn3d … here’s a few of my iphone gripes

  • price (no discount with 2yr contract or with renewal)
  • no custom ringtones
  • itunes sucks
  • no drive access
  • only itunes sync, no drag-n-drop
  • no full youtube only h264 video
  • no flash
  • no rss
  • no im
  • no games
  • no copy/paste
  • phone numbers auto dial when clicked
  • no video output
  • no on-the-go playlists (sorta there, kinda funky)
  • not everything rotates (youtube, keyboard, etc)
  • wallpaper not very visible
  • no voice recorder
  • no ssh
  • no sdk
  • no widgets
  • not everything can be reordered
  • no video recorder
  • edge is slow
  • email IMAP doesn’t show all folders (fixed this one with dreamhost instructions on folder prefix)
  • notes don’t sync anywhere
  • no mms messges only sms
  • can’t play off device in itunes, its all greyed out
  • no multiple sms
  • only safari browser (no moz or opera mobile)
  • no way to know if sms or email messages are waiting without turning on display
  • display starts to lag with lots of v-mail and sms
  • wifi drops very often, forgets passwords
  • self portraits are tough
  • No 3g
  • refresh mail controls
  • no camera zoom
  • can’t add photo from edit contact
  • sim chip is useless
  • no todo list in calendar
  • autocomplete space is akward
  • photos don’t sync when phone is locked
  • no shuffle / repeat in ipod options (actually lots of ipod options missing)
  • more to come …

[update] added a few more items to the list from my brother mark

On the bright side though it does come with a fully equipped chick magnet, in addition to 7 digit support :P

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