new bond movie rant

Quantum of Solace … good action movie, bad bond movie. where do i begin? the beginning i guess …

  • Bond girl silhouettes severely lacking from opening. music is sub-par
  • did not follow formula of bond being pulled off one mission for another
  • M is called “Mum” now?
  • No Q, no gadgets :(
  • No Money Penny
  • WTF with the lame felix lighter
  • no Specter , some new Q? quantum
  • no evil genius, diabolic scheme is to make people thirsty in bolivia ? ROFL
  • where are the henchmen even?
  • oil covered chick homage to gold finger was a nice gesture but seemed out of place.
  • every vehicle he got in became super no matter how shitty it was.
    • the crappy wood boat that outran and overrun speed boats!
    • the  giant cargo plane that was traded for an van instead of the nice light 2 man plane right there. the cargo plane managed to out maneuver a dog fighter and crash it into a mountain! LOL.
  • no getting the girl at the end
  • (many other bondish features missing)

    guess they don’t make em like they used to … i’m done for now

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