git gotchas, migrating from svn

so i’ve been playing around with git lately as a replacement for subversion (svn) since the 1.5 merge tracking isn’t all that great anyway and most package managers are frozen at 1.4 for a while. basically i’m too lazy to upgrade fedora box with svn/trac by hand, plus official packages are easier to maintain IMHO.

switching to git, after getting your head around the whole distributed nature of git and its flexible workflows not to mention its sometimes quirky syntax (re-adding a file to update it?). there’s a few things i find lacking …

these are some major buzz kills for me, but maybe not that bad. there are a few workarounds but some aren’t very pretty.

one nice thing is the ability to sorta mix and match using a hybrid of svn + git for the best of both worlds.

you can do a git check out of an svn project and sync both ways while levering a local repo with full history and offline commits plus unlimited branches just like the way git normally rolls.

some caveats with the distributed nature of git its hard to tell what state your repo is in. is it up to date? are all local changes published publicly? do you have everyone elses changes? raises some interesting questions anyway maybe i’m not getting it or shouldn’t worry and let it git me instead :-/

after playing with mercurial for a few minutes it seems there are issues here as well :(

but also some cool features, like built in http server for repo browsing. plus more convential named commands.

more i read the list of subversion alternatives is getting longer … even one based on svn called svk

to be continued …

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