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upgrading to php 5.3 via macports

so i noticed macports already has php 5.3 only a week after its release. so why not give it a try. well here’s what happened …. Zend Debugger requires Zend Engine API version 220060519. The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer. Contact Zend Technologies at for a later version of […]

ant + phpunit + selenium + cruisecontrol + phpundercontrol = end to end testing zen

playing with ant + phpunit + selenium (ide/core/rc) + cruisecontrol + phpundercontrol + capistrano = end to end testing plus continuous integration zen. lets break it down … automate builds = ant testing end to end = phpunit + selenium self documenting code = phpdoc + uml … (markdown + yaml)? continuous integration = cruisecontrol […]

git + svn

git and svn make a pretty cool combo. its probably best to start with svn and then create a git to track it , but sometimes its more natural the other way around. suppose you start a small local project and want to track revs, git is perfect for this as there almost no setup […]

installing drizzle db on os x

UPDATE: these instruction might not be good to follow for now since even though it compiled and installed things are not happy at the moment. $ /opt/local/bin/client/drizzletest drizzletest: Could not open connection ‘default’ after 500 attempts: 21 drizzle_state_connect:could not connect not ok also there is better info here maybe … should have done more research […]

git gotchas, migrating from svn

so i’ve been playing around with git lately as a replacement for subversion (svn) since the 1.5 merge tracking isn’t all that great anyway and most package managers are frozen at 1.4 for a while. basically i’m too lazy to upgrade fedora box with svn/trac by hand, plus official packages are easier to maintain IMHO. […]

mac os x leopard unix groups admin

well it looks like there is still no usermod command in leopard and they have gotten rid of the god awful netinfo manager.  the new commands use dscl (directory services client) for managing users and groups. its still a bit confusing and less straight forward than the normal unix commands , usermod, groupadd, etc.  list […]

MacPorts gotchas: staging ncurses, running mysql5 – The Pug Automatic

More mac port upgrade gotchas … sudo port -fun upgrade outdated MacPorts gotchas: staging ncurses, running mysql5 – The Pug Automatic

new bond movie rant

Quantum of Solace … good action movie, bad bond movie. where do i begin? the beginning i guess … Bond girl silhouettes severely lacking from opening. music is sub-par did not follow formula of bond being pulled off one mission for another M is called “Mum” now? No Q, no gadgets No Money Penny WTF […]

xbox live back online

finally after 2 years in collections my xbox live account is back online … weee! let the games begin! Put your gamertag here too.

running ie8 beta 2 on ubuntu

so after looking over this post … i’ve decided to take the plunge and try it out … no luck getting it to run with parallels, since it prompts for a windows xp sp3 cd that i don’t have … trying to get it running under ubuntu with virtual box since vmware server isn’t […]