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happy 3rd birthday microformats!

Celebrating 3rd Birthday – Raw Footage from Bruce Floyd on Vimeo.

LAMP (leopard, apache, mysql, php)

## Introduction instructions for setting up dynamic web server and services on mac os x (10.5, should be similar for 10.4) ## semi-quick semi-easy totally sweet setup (a wee bit of compile time, but its worth it … smoke em if you got em boys) 1. download and install macports from 1. make sure […]

local log files

i’m sure the ops / sysadmins can tell you more about this than i can but here’s what i’ve found out through trial and error. i recently noticed my local logfiles growing out of control, if you have been here for a while on the same box like me you might see something similar. here’s […]

iPhone Hacking

ok so i just had to do it, already waited for 1 updated which was dissapointing , so its DIY time. plus i really miss my 24 CTU ringtone and there have been some interesting advancements recently iPhoneNES iFuntastic got started with ifuntastic and changed the ringtone easy enough. while i was at it i […]

iPhone Wishlist

some things i would really like to see for the iphone … ssh 3g (need to download more faster) games with touch control music visualiser ichat av 2 go would be super cool with swivel camera remote control for tv (ok just getting sillly now but why not) more space looks like someone else also […]

iPhone Gripes

ok so i picked up an iPhone on friday, no i didn’t stand in line like some fan boy. I’m already giving apple my money but i don’t need to give them my time as well, i may be crazy but i’m not stupid. Overall i’m pretty pleased with it so far and its a […]

How I Love Vista … Let Me Count The Ways

Drivers Permissions Copy Files, Out Of Memory Random Memory Drivers UAC NO … #6 Auto Network Tuning But ultimate does have media center features which is why i bought it and a dual tv tuner card , just wish vista was better than a vcr

Danger Room – Wired Blogs

Danger Room – Wired Blogs

TechEBlog » Feature: Battle of the Desktops – Beryl vs Aero vs Bumptop

TechEBlog » Feature: Battle of the Desktops – Beryl vs Aero vs Bumptop

Apple plugs eight QuickTime holes | CNET

Apple plugs eight QuickTime holes | CNET